Welcome To Big Flare

Hi & thank you for choosing Big Flare! The text below describes the conditions that are most conducive for us to complete our work and deliver exceptional results. Please read it and then sign up for automatic billing at the bottom to get started.

I don’t want to rely on long contracts and fine print to keep clients with us. Instead, I want our outstanding results month-over-month and our strong relationship to be the thread that keeps our clients happy, and with us for their entire paid traffic journey. This is why all of our terms are based on only 30-day periods.

Here's a quick rundown of the way we work, by setting up billing below you are agreeing to the following:

  • Payments are monthly. We charge the minimum fee at the beginning of the month, then any additional charges for your percentage of ad spend (if applicable) are charged at the end of the month.

  • Our guarantee: we will improve your PPC campaign profitability within 90 days or your money back. Profitability can be improved by improving your Return over Ad Spend (ROAS) and/or your Revenue. This guarantee only applies for advertisers with 6+ months of advertising and conversion history in Adwords. It does not apply if there are any unforeseen issues that are outside of our control, such as you going out of stock on key products, you being unable to bill your customers, etc.

  • At Big Flare, we pride ourselves on fast response times. For client messages sent through our project management system (Basecamp) the usual max response time is 1 business day. However it is very common to receive an answer within 1-12 hours during business hours. Please note though that our true focus is delivering great results, and this fast response time is not always required for us to do so.

  • To reach your account manager, send a message through our project management system, Basecamp. We are also happy to schedule a voice call or web meeting any time with 48 hours notice. Here’s my web meeting link: http://meetme.so/daryl. Please bookmark it and use it to schedule a meeting with me whenever you need to during the lifetime of our work together.

  • No long-term commitment. There is no penalty, or fee, to end our relationship. To end our relationship, simply give us 30 days written notice . We will stop work at the end of the billing period, or sooner if you require. You will still be fully liable for any outstanding invoices and we will not provide a refund if you stop the service before the end of our billing month. We will, however, happily continue our service until the end of the billing month so that you get full value for money spent.
  • Once engaged, we can't "pause" our management fees. We have a limited client roster and your monthly fee will guarantee your spot on that roster. If you pause the management fee, we'll have to give your spot to someone else on our waiting list. We thus can't guarantee that we'll be able to resume your service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email at daryl@bigflare.com, or contact me on my direct line (+44 20 3290 0552 or Skype = darylmander).

Here’s looking forward to years of expanding revenue and profit!

Daryl - Founder & CEO