We're Hiring: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Account Manager

Part-Time Position (20hrs per week). 100% Location-Independent + Flexible Schedule.

Posted: 7th October 2016


Thanks to everyone who applied or expressed interest in working with us. This position is now filled and we are no longer accepting new applications. If you're still interested in working with us then watch this space for our next hiring round.

About Us

Big Flare is a Pay-Per-Click advertising agency that specialises in Paid Search management for small and mid-sized businesses worldwide. We're a small distributed team of PPC pros who are passionate about PPC, getting incredible results for our clients, and work-life balance. Each of our team members are based in different countries in EU and SEA timezones. We communicate with each other and our clients online, through Basecamp, Skype and Email.

We believe that it's the results that matter most, not the number of hours spent with bums-in-chair. Work-life balance is a must. We're passionate about maximising our productivity, working smart is so much better than working long. We want to be the best at what we do AND still enjoy plenty of time for a rich and varied life outside of work.

To that end, we're always looking to improve processes & skills, so that we can distil the 20% of inputs that create 80% of the results. Focusing on the 80/20 allows us to be much more effective than the average PPC agency. We offer a lot in terms of flexibility and control over your lifestyle, but we also ask for a lot in terms of productivity, proactivity and skill.

About The Job

  • You'll be given your own batch of about 10 PPC clients to look after.
  • They are primarily doing Paid Search on Adwords, although a few are also using Bing Ads, Amazon Sponsored Products and Google Display Network.
  • You'll be fully responsible for managing their accounts, optimising the campaigns, communicating with the client, developing client rapport, retaining the client and striving for 100% client happiness.
  • You'll be managing one Account Optimiser who's based in the Central European timezone.
  • You'll be communicating directly with the Founder/CEO who shifts between EU and Asia timezones.
  • It's a part-time position initially, circa 20 hours per week, although this could go up to full time later if you want.
  • This is a location independent job with a flexible schedule. You'll be able to work when and where you like, as long as you get results and have at least a few hours of cross-over time with the team per day.

Getting Started

We'll want you to be able to hit the ground running. Within the first couple of weeks you'll have been introduced to all of your clients and you'll set up Skype calls with each of them. You'll then be fully responsible for managing their PPC results, the client relationship, and 1 direct report. You'll report directly to Big Flare's founder via a weekly status update per client and regular communications via Basecamp & Skype.


  • You have 3+ years of experience directly managing multiple Google Adwords campaigns simultaneously.
  • You're skilled in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Excel/Gsheets and data analysis.
  • You can juggle. Not balls, priorities.
  • You're able to have some cross-over hours each day with Central European and South East Asian timezones.
  • You have an analytical mindset.
  • You're great at spreadsheets and love getting down and dirty with some nested IF formulas, pivot tables, conditional formatting, vlookups, etc.
  • You're a techno-phile, you love technology and can easily adapt to new apps and software.
  • You like to set and accomplish challenging goals for yourself.
  • You're self-driven & autonomous. You don't want or need someone breathing down your neck to get stuff done. You can figure stuff out on your own.
  • You're passionate. About something. Doesn't matter what.
  • You're not happy with "average". Striving for excellence is what you do.
  • You're a great communicator. You are very good at getting your point across both verbally and especially in writing. We communicate primarily via online chat / messages, if you can't string a written sentence together this position is not for you.
  • You're friendly and easy to get along with.
  • You're a native English speaker (or so damn close that we can't tell the difference).


  • Live and work wherever you like.
  • Set your own work schedule.
  • Monthly performance bonus - on top of your base salary get a monthly bonus, based on a percentage commission of client revenue.
  • Autonomy - manage campaigns and clients yourself, no managers breathing down your neck.
  • Young small company - be a big cog in a small machine. Make a real & noticeable difference.
  • Manageable client load - look after around 10 clients.
  • Co-working space contribution - we pay your co-working space fees. If you prefer to work at cafes, the cappuccinos are on us.
  • We'll buy you any books you want that are related to personal or professional development.
  • We'll pay the subscription fees for Headspace or similar meditation app so you can keep stress-free.

Applications Deadline

The job is open for application until we find the right person, whenever that may be. If you think you are that person, apply now or risk losing out.

Starting Date

We're looking to have someone on board as soon as possible. If you need to work through a notice period, that's cool, we'll wait for you if you're the right person for this job. But if you're available right away, great, you can get started as soon as you're ready.


Salary is negotiable and dependent on experience and how good a fit you are for the job. Finding the right person is the most important thing for us and we're not penny-pinchers, so if you are the right person we'll offer a very satisfactory salary.

Applications Process

Use the button below to apply. There's a form to fill in and you can attach your CV. If we think you could be a good fit, there will be a short test and then an interview with our founder, Daryl. If that goes well then we can start talking about how much to pay you and how soon to start!