New Client - Step 2

Thanks for submitting those details! There are a few more steps you need to go through to make sure we're ready to start work on your campaigns.

1. Give us access to your ads accounts.
For Facebook clients, give us access to your Facebook Ads Account and Facebook Page Account. For Adwords clients, give us access to your Google Adwords Account and Google Analytics Account. Here are instructions on how to do that:

  • Facebook Ads Account = Here's a document showing how.
  • Facebook Page Account = We have sent you a request to get access. When you set up Facebook Business Manager using the above steps, you will see the request pop up. Please accept it!
  • Google Adwords Account = Send your 10 digit customer ID to We will send you a request via Google Adwords and you can then log in to Adwords to accept the request.
  • Google Analytics Account = Log in to Analytics, then go to Admin > Account > User Management and add with Edit level access (

2. Timeline for launch.

We have a process for launching new campaigns. Here's an overview of what is happening in the run up to the launch:

  • Day 1 - Daryl sets up the project in Basecamp and invites you and the relevant Big Flare team members to the project. A welcome message is written and tasks are assigned.
  • Day 2- Nick/Sandi will research the market, competition, and target audience. Then we will create customer avatars based on this research.
  • Day 3 - Nick/Sandi will create the ads and source any required images. Then we send you an ads sheet for approval.
  • Day 4 - Nick/Sandi will set up conversion tracking pixels. Having received ads approval from you, we go ahead and build the ads campaign and upload the ads.
  • Day 5 - We are ready to launch the campaign! Please note: if there are any delays in communication it may cause the launch period to take longer than anticipated. However our goal is always to get your campaigns launched as quickly as possible!

3. Contact Us!

Staying in close contact is the key to success in any business relationship. Here are the best ways to get in touch with us:

  • The fastest way to get an email response from us is to use Basecamp. You can log in to the Basecamp project and start a discussion or you can send an email into your personal 'mail to basecamp' email address. Check your emails from our Basecamp project for how to do this.
  • You can book a web meeting any time (with 48hrs notice) using Daryl's web meeting link. Feel free to bookmark that for later use.
  • In the case of emergencies, you can reach Daryl on his direct line: +44 20 3290 0552. Please note that Daryl is based in GMT+7 timezone.