Update: this position is now filled, please do not send in an application and video. if you would like to be notified next time we are hiring, send in your CV to the email address below with the subject line "PPC Account Manager".

Join Big Flare and experience 100% location independent work with more flexibility and autonomy than you've ever had before. We're hiring an experienced Adwords PPC Manager for a permanent position in an exciting and growing startup environment.

If you're experienced in getting results with Adwords and you're looking for your own personal escape hatch from the office cubicle, this is it. Join us, work from anywhere, and get rewarded for results achieved, not time spent working!

What Does the Job Involve?

  • You'll start with 2-3 clients, ultimately I'd like you to be able to handle 5-10 of them
  • You'll be fully responsible for managing their accounts, optimising the campaigns, communicating with the client, developing client rapport, retaining the client and striving for 100% client happiness.
  • The 2 main results you'll need to achieve are:
    • 1. Hit client advertising goals (CPA / ROI / ROAS / Budget etc)
    • 2. Make clients happy (AKA be awesome)
  • It's a full time position, circa 40 hours per week.
  • We measure results, not time spent. If you can deliver the same results in 30 hours per week, and you want to spend the other 10 hours sipping coconuts on the beach, no problem!
  • The first few months will be training, during this time you'll need to be online at the same time as me for most of the time. This time will be spent getting you up to speed on your clients and "The Big Flare Way" of doing things. I work typical working hours (Malaysia, GMT+8)
  • After the first few months, you can set your own work schedule. There will be a few hours each business day where you'll be expected to be online, in case any team collaboration is needed. Other than that, work when you like.
  • You'll be primarily managing PPC campaigns in Google Adwords. There may also be some Bing Search and Facebook Ads work involved.
  • Depending on how big your client work load is, you may also be helping out with marketing. We're starting content marketing this year, contributing to our blog is likely to be an available task if you want it.
  • You'll be using a variety of online tools (Asana, Basecamp, Evernote, Google Drive, Slack etc) to complete work, manage projects, and communicate with the team and clients.

About Big Flare

I started Big Flare two years ago, having worked in the advertising agency business for the previous 8 years. I wanted to be able to do the work I love, while escaping the grey dull city landscape of London and office-cubicle-hell. From the beginning, I set Big Flare up to be location-independent. There's no head office, no one has to commute in to work each day, and we communicate with all our clients online using various comms and project tools. Currently our team members are located in countries as diverse as Malaysia, Japan and Croatia. We all have different working hours, which allows us to cover all our clients' timezones, but we'll reserve at least a few "cross-over hours" each day where we're all online at the same time in case any quick discussion needs to happen.

Rush hour traffic where I used to work, London UK...

Rush hour traffic where I used to work, London UK...

... and where I work now in Sarawak, Malaysia.

... and where I work now in Sarawak, Malaysia.

We work with small and medium-sized businesses, building and optimising their online ad campaigns. Most of our work is with Adwords and Facebook Ads, although we do get some clients that want to use other platforms too such as LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads or Adroll/Perfect Audience. All our clients have aggressive sales/leads targets (go hard or go home, right?) and we pride ourselves on delivering and exceeding on their challenging goals. Growth has been healthy since we started, within the first year we had reached a six figure annual run rate and as we head into our third year we're setting our goals at 7 figures and beyond!

We believe in a "Results-Only" business philosophy: as long as you get results, it doesn't matter when, where, how or how long you work. The upshot of this is a flexible work environment where you're able to live anywhere you like whilst still developing your skills and earning well.

About You

  • You have 2 or more years of experience directly managing Google Adwords campaigns.
  • You're skilled in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel and data analysis.
  • Bonus if you've previously managed clients or worked in a PPC agency.
  • You have an analytical mind set and love getting down and dirty with some spreadsheets, nested IF formulas, conditional formatting, pivot tables, etc..
  • You're a techno-phile, you're excited about how technology is improving the way we work and live.
  • You like to set and accomplish difficult goals for yourself.
  • You're self-driven. You don't need a manager breathing down your neck to get stuff done.
  • You have an entrepreneurial bone in your body. You want autonomy and control over your own clients / part of the business.
  • You can figure stuff out. You don't always need someone there to tell you how to do it.
  • You're passionate. About something. Doesn't matter what.
  • You're not happy with an "average" life. Commute to the city, 9-5, office cubicle, rush hour traffic, 2 weeks holiday per year to escape office hell... all these things make you shudder and yearn for something different.
  • You're a great communicator and native English speaker.
  • You're friendly and easy to get along with. You like people.

What's Great About Working For Big Flare?

  • Location independent - live and work wherever you like
  • No more commute to the office in rush hour, office cubicles, or office politics
  • Performance payment - perform better, get paid more
  • Autonomy - manage campaigns and clients yourself, no managers breathing down your neck
  • Flexible work schedule - work whenever you like, for as long (or as little) as you like, as long as results are achieved
  • High growth start up - get in while we're still young and grow with us
  • Manageable client load - expect 5-10 clients to look after, tops. You won't be over-loaded with dozens of clients
  • Unlimited paid time off - take as much holiday as you like, as long as you ensure your clients are still being looked after
  • Co-Working Space Contribution - want to work from a co-working space? Great, we'll reimburse you for that
  • Free Kindle Ebooks - we'll buy any Kindle books you want to read as long as they are related to personal or business-skills development.


  • There will be a basic salary, plus a monthly performance bonus
  • The monthly performance bonus is a commission on the client revenue you manage
  • The more high value clients you fully manage, the more you get paid
  • Expect your starting salary to be $2K-$3K, this will go up quickly if you get results
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (as long as your clients are kept happy and targets are hit, take as much time off as you want)
  • Co-Working Space Reimbursement

Application Instructions

This position is now filled and applications are no longer open! If you'd like to be notified next time we have an opening, send in your CV to daryl [at] bigflare.com.