"Can I get some references?"

Absolutely! Here are a few of our success stories. We'll let them tell you what it's like working with Big Flare.

“After 6 years of paltry results with our self-managed Adwords campaign, Daryl stepped in and put us on the right track in a matter of days...Don't pass up the opportunity to work with Daryl, he's a true professional.”

Joseph Hughes, Dynamic Design Group

We have been working with Big Flare for a several months now and they have helped our business & clients out tremendously. We've received tons of new leads, sales and importantly they freed up my time. Hire them and you won't be disappointed!

Anf & Poy, Kaboom Hub

“Curve Communications is pleased to recommend Daryl Mander...The only thing I would warn you about Daryl is that he is so good you may not be prepared for it internally. So try to keep up with him and get ready for action!”

George Affleck, Curve Communications

“Bigflare’s enthusiasm and passion is remarkable. It was a pleasure to work with Daryl and the team who carefully listened to what we wanted and provided prompt and reliable service. Highly recommended!”

Adam Vidovic, HotsyTotsy.com

"We chose Big Flare because of their professionalism, their systematic approach and their willingness to adapt to our changes. We’ve been very happy with the work they’ve carried out and would recommend them to anyone looking to succeed with Facebook or Retargeting."

Errol Chua, Golf Philippines


"We have been using Big Flare for our clients' Paid Advertising campaigns for the past 3 months and the results speak for themselves...We’ll be sending plenty more work to Big Flare very soon, so we have no hesitation recommending them!"

Dan Wardrope, Jump SEO

Thanks to Big Flare, our CPA from PPC has improved by over 20% in less than 2 months. Big Flare’s remarketing campaign has also boosted sales volume significantly. They were extremely responsive to our needs and their communication was top-notch.

Joel Carr, Ukulelemate.com.au

Daryl is a PPC magician. You give him money to spend and he gives you back more. It's as simple as that.

Justin Lee, Contact Connection