Google Shopping & Product Feed Management That Works Like A Machine.

We're proud to say our system for creating highly profitable Google Shopping campaigns has been refined from industry best practice to the point where it's become an entirely different and more efficient beast. Every single product in your feed gets its own ad group, bid, and negative keyword set. We use a little-known trick to be able to differentiate brand vs non-brand traffic, even in Shopping campaigns. The best way to describe our system in word: granular. That granularity and attention-to-detail is what will give us an edge over your competition in Adwords.

What We Do

We fully manage every aspect of your Google Shopping campaign, including: campaign creation; conversion tracking; data feed creation and optimisation; reporting; bids; promotions; and everything else required to run a successful campaign. For new advertisers to Shopping, we'll walk you through the set up of a product feed, upload it to Google, and create and manage a highly granular and profitable campaign thereafter. For existing Shopping advertisers, we'll identify the weak points and missed opportunities that are holding you back, then implement our refined best practice structure to eliminate those weaknesses and boost profitability.

Here are the main components of what we do

  • Account Set Up
  • Google Merchant Center Integration
  • Data Feed Optimisation
  • Consulting on Data Feed Creation
  • Daily Bid Optimisation at Product / SKU Level
  • Regular Bid Adjustments for Device, Geo, Audience, Day-Part
  • Conversion Tracking Set Up
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Weekly & Monthly Reporting
  • Competitor Research
  • Search Term & Negative Keywords Management
  • Budget Management

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven system for Google Shopping
  • Highly granular account structure
  • Official Google Partner agency
  • 10+ years experience
  • Fully managed service including data feed optimisation
  • Specialised in scaling small to mid-sized Ecommerce businesses
  • Data expertise: customer journey & attribution analysis and more
  • Free Landing Page consultation


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Data Feed Optimisation

We ensure your data feed is as highly optimised as possible by regularly reviewing it and providing suggestions on improvements

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Keyword Research

We'll perform extensive keyword research to narrow down the best possible keyword combinations for your product feed's titles and descriptions.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Every client of Big Flare gets a dedicated account manager that they can contact any time of the day for support.

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Analytics Integration

Our Shopping campaigns are fully integrated with your analytics solution. You'll be able to see which campaign and ad group drove each sale, and exactly which product was purchased.