In case you haven't heard, Facebook is huge. It is, by far, the largest source of online display advertising globally, accounting for more advertising views than its next 3 biggest competitors combined! Facebook has now surpassed 1 billion users, with the average user spending 7 hours per month on the social network.

But what does that mean for you? It means that you can find your perfect target audience on Facebook and get your products in front of them. It means that you can be massively increasing your sales volume using Facebook traffic. And it means that if you're not using Facebook effectively, you'll fall behind any competitors who are!

What We Do

Our Facebook Advertising service is fully-comprehensive and includes everything required to get a Facebook PPC campaign off the ground and running smoothly. Here's a breakdown of the items included in our Facebook Ads Management service:

  • Campaign Planning

  • Account Creation

  • Campaign Set Up

  • Copy Writing

  • Ad Creation

  • Weekly / Monthly Reporting

  • Daily Campaign Optimisation

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Landing Page Consultation

Why Choose Us?

We’ve been generating sales successfully from Facebook Ads for 7 years and through this experience have developed an incredible Facebook ads Ecommerce system that is certain to get you more revenue for a similar or better Return Over Ad Spend (ROAS). Here's why we're great at what we do:

  • 7+ years of experience managing Facebook Ad campaigns.
  • Focused on paid Facebook advertising for Ecommerce.
  • Dedicated to small business clients.
  • Fast campaign set up.
  • 100% results-focused.
  • ABT (Always Be Testing) philosophy. We never stop testing.
  • Fast email response times.


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Daily Reporting

With our customized daily reports, you will always know how much revenue they’re generating through Facebook.

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Facebook Retargeting

We’ll retarget your site visitors with unmissable ads directly in their newsfeed, right amongst their friends’ latest updates.  

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Split Test Ad Creative

Image, headline, description… we craft multiple variations of each to find the perfect combination for each prospect.

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Advanced Targeting

 We'll import your email list and target them on Facebook. We'll also greatly expand your list size using 'lookalike' audience targeting.