Manual Audit By A Certified Specialist


Manual Audit By A Certified Specialist


Get a full audit of your account performed by one of our certified Adwords specialists with at least 4+ years of experience in managing and auditing Adwords accounts.

The audit comes complete with itemised and actionable recommendations on how to improve your Adwords account. We guarantee that if you implement all the recommendations in your audit, you will achieve a more profitable campaign.

You will receive a custom audit document of approximately 10 pages which will cover the following areas:

  • Account performance analysis
  • Campaign settings
  • Bids and bid adjustments
  • Bid strategy
  • Account structure
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Keyword selection & research
  • Match types
  • Competitor analysis
  • Ad copy testing recommendations
  • Ad creative critique
  • Ad extensions
  • New & untapped opportunities
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