Big Flare is an online paid traffic agency that specialises in direct response advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

We help small and medium sized businesses succeed in a crowded and competitive online marketplace. We do that by leveraging our combined 20 years of  experience with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing.

We build and optimise PPC campaigns as a fully-managed service for clients. As a client of Big Flare, you will never have to worry about 'Quality Score', 'Lookalike Audiences', 'Ad Rank' or any other PPC industry jargon. We'll take care of that for you, so you can focus on what matters: the results!

We’ve received tons of new leads, sales and importantly they freed up our time. Hire them and you won’t be disappointed!
— Anf & Poy, Kaboom Hub

Our Team


Founder / Ad Strategist

When not planning world domination, Daryl focuses on strategy and planning for our client ad campaigns. He can  usually be found poring over spreadsheets and digging  through client results whilst  formulating plans and  processes for improving  results even further.


Adwords PPC Specialist

When it comes to Adwords  management, Sandi is the  man. With his wealth of  Adwords skill and experience, he's been known to reignite a dying Adwords campaign just by looking at it.



Facebook Ads Specialist

Nick is the resident Facebook Ads specialist. He came on  board as Big Flare's first ever "PPC Apprentice" and  quickly distinguished himself as a pro at building and  optimising Facebook Ad  campaigns.



Ad Account Support Hero

Clients often don't come into direct contact with Penny,  but her presence is felt  everywhere. Penny can  usually be found supporting  the Big Flare account  management team with  timely reports, account  optimisations, and data  analysis.

Working With Us

We give all our clients at least 1 dedicated account manager, and each of our account managers will handle a maximum of 5-10 clients. This account manager will be your go-to person, always on call and ready to answer your queries and make any requested updates to your ad campaign. We charge a higher minimum fee than a lot of other PPC agencies, this is so that each client can get a lot of account-manager time. We know other agencies that give each manager 50+ clients to manage simultaneously. We hate that approach! We really value our clients. That's why every client gets an account manager that has plenty of time for them.

Our Ideal Client

We like to work with clients where we know we can add a tonne of value to their business. If we do not think we can add a huge amount of value to your business, we will not accept you as a client. Simple. It makes more sense that way - we profit the most from long term  relationships and our client relationships will only be long term if we can add a lot of value.

To assess whether or not Big Flare can make a big impact on your business, here's a checklist of questions you can ask yourself:

  • Are you a small or medium-sized business?
  • Do you have an established product/service that is already profitable?
  • Do you have a service/product that you consider fair and ethical? Would you tell your mother that you sell this product/service?
  • Do you currently spend $5K+ per month on your online advertising campaign?
  • Have you already had some level of success with your ad campaign, now you just want more or to save time?
  • Do you have at least 6 months of previous ad campaign data for us to review?

If you've answered 'Yes' to most of the above, we definitely want to talk to you!

Not a good fit? If our service isn't a good fit for you right now, that's OK. Instead, you might know someone who could benefit from this service. If so, send them our way! We'll offer you a nice 10% commission on our LIFETIME revenue if they become a client.